How It All Began

Born out of a food cart in Portland, Oregon, our Sweet Pistachio Cream was originally created as a dessert topping option for waffles and gourmet toasts found on the cart’s menu. Time and time again we watched in delight as our customers’ eyes lit up in astonishment upon taking their first bite. We felt honored to witness them taste something they’d never experienced before and declare it downright delicious! Like clockwork, the smiling faces would return for more and began requesting to purchase just the pistachio butter on its own. Soon, the enchanted and clever patrons started begging us to sell it by the jar, and in those moments we realized… This was truly something special.

Anaia Castaneda Founder & CEO

Growing up in a big Sicilian Mexican house hold, I've always had a deep passion for food and gathering around the table with loved ones. Cooking and baking for my friends and family has always been my love language. As a child, I remember our family Costco runs to stock up on groceries and never once did we stop to read the back of labels on the food we were buying. In return, I dealt with a lot of gut issues and never understood why until I went to college and started shopping for myself. It was then that I finally decided to start reading labels and noticed the harmful ingredients that were put in some of my favorite foods like the famous chocolate hazelnut spread I used to beg for. After a year of conscious consumerism, all my gut issues completely went away. So when the idea was sparked for our Sweet Pistachio Cream recipe with far less sugar, no harmful seed oils and minimal ingredients, I was hooked. Not only was it unique, delicious, and better-for-you but it also was tapping into something that connected me to my Sicilian roots and was very nostalgic. With a background in design and a degree in marketing, I was able to create the brand that is Chio and express myself through my business. It's truly gratifying to have the opportunity to share this offering. When you're eating a joyful jar of Chio, you are also enjoying an extension of my heart to yours.